The Black Parent Group and African American Women Socializing group hosted a historic event bringing together African American women business owners and those interested in owning their own business.

Some of the comments about the event included..."Feeling embraced and inspired, women supporting women and doing great things!" and "So many powerful and inspirational women."

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United Way Action Day

The BPG volunteers with the United Way.

'Think Like a Man' or Rather Think Like a Man who Has ADHD

"Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man" a film loosely based on the dating advice book by comedian Steve Harvey was “surprisingly” top at the box office this weekend. 'Think Like a Man'  opened April 20, 2012. Everyone, except, most African Americans were surprised that the movie is charting to make more money than projected by some movie critics. African Americans have traditionally supported “black” film and film makers. Take Tyler Perry, for an example, an African American film maker who has had success in many ways other film makers have not. He has had five films that ranked number 1 in the last five years.

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Our First Easter Celebration 
Monday April 2, 2012

The Black Parent Group (BPG) had its first Easter celebration at the Multicultural Resource Center in Saint Paul, MN on April 2nd, 2012. With the help of our sponsors listed below, we were able to provide the families with a full size turkey and sides. The children in attendance had a great time looking for the golden eggs to win prizes. 

However, this was more than an Easter celebration. 
This was a celebration of the volunteers in our community. 

Two of the goals of the BPG is to encourage community involvement and volunteerism and increase parental involvement in the schools. We did this by rewarding the families for their efforts. 

Please continue to read below to hear some of the ways that the families are volunteering in their community.

"During Spring Break, I volunteered at Jimmy Lee (Oxford) Community Center. 
I chaperoned the 3rd and 4th graders during free time, swimming, and other field trips such as the Minnesota Zoo and Science Museum."
~Jeremy Jones

"My name is Dee Hollins (pictured below), I am a full-time foster parent to four girls under the age of 12 years old. I am currently in the process of finalizing the adoption of my 18 mo. old baby girl whom I have having been caring for since she was a month old. I am also a special needs foster parent and the kids I take in usually have some medical or mental issue. I love caring for the kids, I feel like I am helping break a cycle or as I call it a generational curse. These are some very challenging days, but the assignment that God has given me is very rewarding."

" I am at my children's schools at least 3 times a week, I read stories during African-American Parent Involvement day, and I let my children know how important they are and that education is important. I am always talking to them about college. Another way I support my children is by coming to The Black Parent Group to find support for myself and resources for our family. Thank you very much for the Easter basket because it will greatly help our family for the holiday, God bless."
~Tia Williams

"I am a parent of three children. I participate in the evening activities at their school and join in with the discussion. I also provide daycare for the other parents when they would like to attend the meetings at Hope Academy." 
~Pa Lee (pictured below)
 "I help out at my child's school in the after school programs and I also join different groups to try to meet professional people since I am new to the state."
~Marinda Cunningham
 "I have attended many field trips at my son's school. I also help my friends find place where they can access food and help. But most of all I am an advocate for my son who has special needs."  
~Karen Folds
"We have volunteered at Nellie Stone Johnson school on the north side of Minneapolis with their after school program as a translator at family nights, on picture day, with tree planting, and many other functions. We also volunteer with Mad Dads. We go into schools and talk to kids about drugs, gangs, and education. We help youth focus on being strong leaders in the community and our sons help us with Mad Dads as they try to detour their friends and other youth away from drugs and gangs."
~Pedro, Tammy, Ricky, and Victor Bustamante (Pictured Below).

"I provide administrative work to Aurora St. Anthony" 
~ Pershelle Johnson (pictured below)
"I attend the open houses at my child's daycare. I enjoy being there to support my kids and see how they are improving." 
~Ashley Johnson (pictured below)

 Thank you to our sponsors that made this celebration possible:
 Second Harvest Heartland -
 Tim Baylor, Local Business Owner, Former MN Viking
 Multicultural Resource Center -